Analog Design is an art in Electronic Engineering, only after spending several years playing with discrete components and designing circuits you are able to call yourself an Analog Designer. Every piece of circuit would be designed based on many years experience and needs prototyping and testing to be confirmed, design and engineering is very extensive, but the end circuit is very close to functionality needed also it is very cost effective.


An embedded firmware is a software for a special type of processor in electronic hardware devices within a larger system. These embedded systems all have processors of some type. The processors complexity ranges from very simple, like microcontrollers to multi-core CPUs with built-in peripherals such as PCIe, and memory management. Embedded firmware works as central computers that provide instructions to the device on how to operate

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of a computational network of physical objects (“things”) equipped with embedded technologies for interacting with each other or with the external environment, excluding from the part of actions and operations the need for human participation. In 1926, Nikola Tesla in an interview for Collier’s magazine said that in the future the radio will be transformed into a “big brain”, all things will become part of a whole…


Test Engineering is one of the most important tasks in production. In this stage, all electronic boards are tested to verify that the product is free of any error. Testing usually has two stages: 1. The In-Circuit-Test (ICT) checks the components and the inter-connections of the parts on a PCB. With the ICT we can detect many problems, such as poor soldering, cold solder or solder bridge, improper component value, broken parts and similar connectivity problems.

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