About Parallax

We provide all the services necessary to launch your innovative product.

Amazing Team

We are a group of engineers who have created a virtual office in order to keep expenses at a minimum.  This strategy allows us to be low-overhead but high quality, so you don't have to pay for our office rent.

Awesome Template

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Leadership Team

We are a lean-agency, allowing us to offer excellent quality at a minimum cost.

Alex LePelch

Lead Engineer

Anna Herman

Industrial Designer

Matthew Taylor

Mechanical Engineer

Rosa LePelch


Work Process

Our team lives, breath and dream in integrated mode

01. Research + Design

We research the ins and outs of your project. What technologies would be best to utilize, what competitors are doing and how to compete with them and deliver innovative solutions that sets your product apart from the rest.

02. Build + Test

Next we develop a proof of concept using rapid prototyping methods. We have established relationships with circuit board manufacturers and component suppliers, taking on a streamlined approach.

03. Launch

Once our team has fully validated the design and prototype, we provide a seamless transfer of design information, from our team to yours. This will include quotes from various manufacturers in the process.